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On the Ranges

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It was a whirlwind weekend. Last Friday, Mr. Chemist and I celebrated our anniversary.  We had a lovely dinner. I busted out the dress that I wore in our engagement photos and the Jimmy Choo’s I wore to our wedding.  Eek!  We are planning to do a special anniversary photo shoot.  This post would have been out earlier but I am traveling this week.  Jetting to Boulder, Colorado for a meeting.  Mid-week travel meant mad chores over the weekend and frantic packing Sunday evening.  

And I finally found the time to gush about my newest make.  In fact, listening to Spotify, I am writing this post at 30,000 ft flying across the middle of the United States.
Version 1
Size: Extra Small

3 yards green printed cotton
White Thread
9 white buttons (1/2”)

Lesson one: Choose fabric wisely.  This is my second version of the Darling Ranges dress.  My first version graced the rubbish bin after my sewing machine decided to eat the slinky fabric I had chosen.  That first version left my sewing table over a year ago!!  Yep, that experience soured me. Thus, the pattern lay quietly at the bottom of a stack. For the second round, I choose a green cotton print from my stash. The print has little white cotton leaves -- here is hoping it transcends the seasons.
Lesson two: Try again. Whilst cleaning up my sewing area, I unearthed this Megan Nielsen pattern. It should be obvious but I love me some MN patterns. That love encouraged me to give the Darling Ranges dress another go.  Lately, during the same binge cleaning session, it occurred to me that the dresses that I have made with short sleeves do not get worn as much as the sleeveless or long-sleeve counterparts.  Duh! Short sleeves bunch up under a jacket or cardigan.  Long sleeves perform well with just a scarf or pashmina. Sorry for the babble – I am getting to my point.  For that enlightened reason, I opted for a sleeveless version.
Lesson three: MN patterns include lovely details.  I needed that reminder.  It wasn’t the pattern.  It was me (Sounds like a tacky teenage breakup!). I love that the button placket is built into the pattern -- no interfacing to mess with.  I don’t mind interfacing but it was one less step.  I dig short cuts. I skipped out on the tie in the back since I had it in my mind that the Darling Ranges dress demands a sweet belt. Pockets -- need I say more?!
Lesson four: Be adventurous.  Making a pattern the second time is much easier than the first.  Keep your seam ripper close!  I still had to use my seam ripper on several silly mistakes in my second version of the Darling Ranges.   It was less stressful and I could focus on details to make the dress perfect (Hello! the button placket and aligning that seam!). I feel like the darts need to be shortened slightly.  It will have to wait for another time.....

It was worth the wait for this pattern. I have worn this dress with sandals and can't wait to pair it with a cardigan and booties.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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